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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Super Way Cute Earbud Decorations! | Iphone Customizing

So... When my sisters and I really like something we refer to it as not cute but, "way cute" or "super way cute"! So I'm sharing my descriptive words with you on this project. This is really easy and mindless fun. Perfect for a gift or a project for you and your friends or kids. My kids and especially my nieces love to do projects with me. In fact, I don't think there is a night that I can just sit and watch tv. I have to be doing something. This may make me weird, I don't know?

Supplies needed for this project:

Perler Beads- these are the kids craft beads that you use and melt the backside to hold them together. I found a huge jar of them at Michaels but you can find them usually at Hobby Lobby, WalMart, and Target as well.  My large bucket was $10 but I had a 40% of coupon from online that I used.

Ear Buds-Scissors or Box Knife: Please have PARENTAL PERMISSION to use razor if you are under 18!

Cute Earbuds     Iphone Earphones     Decorating Earbuds

You can decorate your earbuds for your favorite Sports Team, your school colors, your favorite colors or just random looks really cute as well.  For Valentine's Day you could give some to your kids in red or pink.

So what designs did you choose for your earbuds? Find ShowMeCute on Facebook and post your pictures.  I look forward to seeing you there.


  1. Helloo.. I really like the things you do and the amazing ideas you have. I have three suggestions of Male puppy names hope you like it: 1. Ice 2.Scooter 3.Spike.. :)

  2. Oh my!!!! I love your blog SO MUCH!! I follow you friend Mindy's blog. I found you off of her hair video where you styled her daughter's bangs. I am almost a teenager, so cool stuff like this is SO fun for me. I am a BIG fan of WVU (I live in West Virginia). I am going to make blue and gold. Thanks so much for this lovely idea.
    P.S. Are you on Pinterest?

  3. Yourcould name him storm.

  4. hi there where did u say u got those beads cause i looked at my local Micheal's and they said they didn't carry them? when i find the beads i am going to make a name pair cause they have beads like that that have letters on them.

  5. i love u guys u make amazing things

  6. u could name ur puppy max or brownie because he's brown, that's what i named my boy rabbit

  7. where did u say u found those beads cause when i went to my local Micheal's they said they didn't carry them. when i do find them i am going to put my name on my headphones cause they make those beads with letters on them

  8. u could name ur puppy max or brownie because he's brown,that's what i named my boy rabbit

  9. My daughter thinks the puppy's name should be Sarge......short for Sgt.