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Monday, August 12, 2013

DIY Notebooks & School Supplies

Can you believe it's time to go back to school already?  Where did the time go?  Summer flew by so fast I'm amazed.  It's the first year I'm reluctant to send my kids back to school.  When they were younger it was physically hard to have all the kids home and keep the house in order.  Now they are such good helpers and easy to have around.  We have had so much fun together this year.  We've bonded so deeply and made such good memories.

School supplies are always a super fun event in our house.  Deciding on a theme and finding ways to spruce up their supplies and personalize them are something we always look forward to.  My hope is that while they are at school every day they will see all the personal touches and think of home, mom, & how much they are loved.  

I'm posting pics of my daughters supplies and then I'll post the DIY Notebook portion.  Backpack is from Target.  We added the embellishments with hot glue gun.  Shabby Chic pencils are from Michaels.  Supplies are from Wal Mart.  Scrapbook Paper- Hobby Lobby.

Supplies Needed For Mod Podge Notebooks:

  • Spiral Notebook:  For my daughters we chose some that were plain brown next to the Sharpie display at Target.  But any notebook will work.  Keep in mind..... the original notebook color will show around the spiral.   Wal Mart has plain notebooks for sale during back to school for $ .18!  
  • Mod Podge:  Purchase at local craft store.  I used the Matte Finish for this project.  It does come in several finishes so make sure you read what you are purchasing.  
  • Scrapbook Paper:  Purchase at hobby store or scrapbook stores.  You could also use: wrapping paper, newspaper, magazine pages, photos, material, etc.  The possibilites are vast.  
  • Misc:  scissors, paint brush, paper cutter (optional)

For further details on the notebooks click on video link!  

I love you guys! Have fun this year.  School is so hard, just remember it is a short period in your life.  It may seem like your whole world but it will go by in a flash and you will be able to make your life anything you dream.  Study hard!  Knowledge is the most important tool you can obtain.  Be positive & make the best of every situation.  And most important, be kind to everyone.  


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