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Monday, January 28, 2013

Glitter Painted T-Shirt

Not too long ago I saw a photo of Taylor Swift in a super adorable heart shirt.  I loved the outfit so much I decided to make one for myself!  It is so easy I wanted to share.  I have always made a Valentine shirt for my girls so this is our design for this year.  

Way Cute!

Items Needed For This Project:
  • Shirt:  You can buy new or use one you already have.  You could do a sweatshirt or sweater as well. 
  • Fabric Paint:  I used red and bought it at Michaels.  Several stores carry fabric paint.  Hobby Lobby, WalMart and Joann.
  • Sticker Paper:  I went to a office supply store.  You want the printable "Full Sheet" labels.  Follow instructions on package and your printer to print out your design. 
  • Misc Supplies:  scissors, glitter, paint brush, cardboard 

If you have any problems printing the templates please feel free to email me!

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