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Monday, January 21, 2013

Shamballa Bracelet

Hi Everyone!  This week I have a fairly simple bracelet project for you.  I really love this for layering with other bracelets and watches.  It's all about the arm candy right now!

Items Needed For This Project:
  • Beads:  I found the Shamballa style at Wal Mart and Michaels.  Hobby Lobby does NOT carry these beads.  However, this bracelet can be made with a variety of beads.  I used (7) 14mm beads for this bracelet.
  • String/Cording:  A waxed string is best.  I used a 1.2mm string.  The smaller the string the smaller the knots.  I wouldn't recomment the smaller size string unless you are planning to use smaller beads. You need about 3.5 yards per bracelet.
  • Glue:  I used super glue.  You can use jewelry glue as well but it will take longer to dry.  Make sure and read the directions for the glue you choose.  
  • Misc:  Scissors, tape, 2 small beads for tips of string. 

Happy Bracelet making!  


  1. I will include this in my basket of accessories to sell. Thanks alot & God bless

  2. Very Pretty!! Can you use strechy cord? or lanyard? (as string)! :)

  3. Well designed and informed tutorial that anyone can implement. Like a wonderful husband, you are wonderful too! thanks

  4. Hi! I'm Nancy from Grecce! i've watched your tutorials many times!you do exxelent job..i want to ask you something for the shamballa bracelet..i want to ask you how many knots you take,at the begining and in the and of the bracelet...(it is very important for me to know how many knots other ways it will be a litlle tricky for me to make it!)thanks a lot for the information...grettings from Grecce...

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