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Sunday, January 13, 2013

"LOVE" letters and SMC Giveaway

Last week we posted our 100th video!  I am can't believe how time flies and that we have come so far.  I am so very thankful for all of you who enjoy ShowMeCute.  We thought we would take this "Milestone" opportunity to give back to our fans.  We Love You! 

Giveaway details:

  • Leave a comment in the comment section of the video telling me what prize you would like to win.  ( Bracelets (2- One for you & One for someone you love!),  8/pk Glitter Votives, or "LOVE" letters )
  • You can enter once a day until January 19th.
  • 3 Winners will be announced & posted here and on on Sunday January 20th.
  • We hope that you will share with all of your friends and family how much you "LOVE" Showmecute.

Items Needed For "LOVE" letters:

  • Letters:  I found mine at Hobby Lobby.  Don't pay full price.  Take a coupon or look for them to be 50% off.  They are on sale often. Letters I purchased are gold.  ( I am so sorry if you don't have Hobby Lobby.  I do not how my world would exist with out it.  Email the company and beg them to come to your city! )  IF you don't have a Hobby Lobby you can look for similar letters at Joann, Michaels, or your local craft store.  When in doubt ask  someone in the store what they carry.
  • Spray Paint: I sprayed mine black. 
  • Optional:  wooden blocks for stability, glue gun
TIP:  If you have an iphone or smart phone you can download and app for Hobby Lobby and Michaels.  Their app makes it super simple to click on coupons and show at checkout!  I always try to purchase my crafting supples either when they are on sale or use my handy dandy coupons!


  1. We LOVE Show Me Cute. My girl love to see your tutorials.
    We would love your bracelets.
    Thanks for all you do.
    Cindy K

  2. I just showed my daughter the video and she said she wanted a bracelet.
    I can't believe you have reached the 100 video mark already. I totally live all that you do!! :) keep it up girl

  3. I love the letters. Where did you get your Cherub that's on the mantle?

  4. I love your site!!! :)Thanks for the opportunity to win something so fun!!!

    Teri Selbher

  5. Your amazing are simply amazing i am officially a hooked fanned!!!

  6. We are still loving and wanting to win your cute bracelets. :)

  7. Am I the only one posting everyday to try and win this giveaway? Love the bracelets. :)

  8. Hi, I just figured out how to do this reply, its taken days lol im a horrible crafter & not computer savy, but I watched your votive & love letter videos and let me tell you, I did step by step instructions that you gave & I was jumping up & down with excitment that I could actually do the votives, thank you Jenny you totally inspired me, it takes a certain person to touch another persons life & this simple project gave me inspiration to do your others. I would love to win the "LOVE LETTERS" it would make my living room complete, something specially made from a wonderful experienced crafter. Thanks Jenny

  9. I'd love to enter again. Thanks so much!!

    Teri Selbher

  10. Hey!!! Congrats on your 100th video! I'd like the bracelets.

  11. I luv, luv, luv show me cute your the best.. We would "LOVE" TO WIN the LOVE LETTERS.... WE LUV JENNY.....