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Monday, September 16, 2013

Gel Nail Polish

About a year ago I discovered Gel Nail Polish!  I fell in love with it as a better way to have pretty manicured nails without the acrylic, sanding, and filing.  When I was in California for Vidcon a friend told me that you could get a DIY kit at CVS.  She said that it was just as good as the salon and was way cheaper than $30 a pop at the salon.  Thank you Evalina!

I thought I would share the information with you as well as give my pro's and con's list to Gel Polish.  One very important thing to know is that Gel Polish is different than Gel Nails.  Gel Nails are a fake type nail that is applied at Salons.  Gel Polish is not harmful to your skin.  The LED lights are harmful to your skin or nails.  


  1. The polish stays beautiful and shiny for up to 14 days.
  2. The polish doesn't crack or chip off.  
  3. It protects your nails from breaking.  They are nice and strong but not too thick like acrylic nails.
  4. Because my nails are protected they grow really long.  I end up cutting before they break.  (without polish they break before they get very long because of work)
  5. It dries quick!  When you are finished with the process you are completely dry!  No messy smudges.
  1. Polish is more expensive than normal polish.
  2. If you wear it constant with out giving your nails a break to breathe, it will damage your nails.  ( I recommend wearing 2 times and then break for a week or two.)
  3. Polish is a bit tricky to work with.  Takes a bit of practice to get a perfect look.
  4. Longer removal process than normal polish.  (Sensatio-Nail has a removal kit and/or instructions in the kit. )
Gel Nail Polish Supplies:
  • I used "SensatioNail" brand Gel Polish Kit.  I found this kit at CVS and Walgreens.  Regular price is $59 but I had a coupon and purchased for $39.  There were a couple other brands available but I can't verify their results.  The starter kit is offered in a light pink, or red.  The starter kit is good for 10 manicures.  
  • Removal can be done without the kit.  But to see the process read directions in your kit.

Having pretty nails just seems to make me happy.  I don't know why?  As a busy mom of four it's nice to take care of myself sometimes and to feel pretty.  I hope my tips and tricks help you do your own Gel polish.  


  1. It’s normal to hear positive and negative feedback about some things. And in order for you to separate the truth from the fallacies, you’d have to do your own research. You love pretty nails, and it’s a good thing you know a lot about it. Just another friendly caution: make sure you have your hands and arms protected with UVB-blocking sunscreen before getting them into the dryer. ;) Lilia@La Fleur de Beaute Day Spa

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