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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trevor's Top 10

With a case of Bronchitis I lost my voice for several days.  My son Trevor came to my rescue for the weekly video.  He came up with 10 affordable gift ideas for Teenage Boys this Christmas.  Some ideas are great for Girls as well.  I am so proud of him for helping me and being so easy to work with.  Trevor is a very loving and kind child.  I feel so lucky and blessed everyday for him.  

Trevor's Top 10!
10.)  Winter Hat & Gloves:  Slouchy beanies are cute and completely helpful on cold days.  Trevor especially loves Hats with pom pons on top.  Lol

9.)  Deck of Cards or Game:  With Winter Break around the corner there are lots of opportunities to play a game or two.  Trevor loves playing cards with his Grandma. 

8.)  Favorite Snack Basket:  Give him a package of his favorite treat & drink.  Having siblings around requires sharing.  Its a special treat to get your very own package and stock of soda.  

7.)  Movie & Puffcorn:  Find out his taste in Movies and throw in a Movie Snack.  Puffcorn is Trevor's Favorite.  If you haven't tried it, go get some on the chip isle!

6.)  Retro Telephone Handset: Everyone like a non-practical fun gift.  It's so funny to think that my kids have never know a phone with this type of handset.  In their lifetime they have only known cordless phones and cell phones.  Does this make me a "retro" mom.  Retro is supposed to be so cool right now.  Does that apply to mom? We found this at Target.  It comes in Blue and Black. 

5.)  Mini Megaphone w/Siren: Another "fun" gift idea.  Let your imagination go!  Found at Target.

4.)  Crazy Phone Cover: This phone case looks like a tape.  Look online for some pretty funny cases; I recommend Perpetual Kid. For local stores; try Best Buy and Urban Outfitters.

3.)  Super Hero Shirt or Socks:  Super Hero stuff is everywhere.  Everyone has a favorite!  Everyone wants to Believe!  Under Armour has a whole line of super hero wear for sports.  WE LOVE IT!  Target and Walmart carry lots of options as well that are a bit more affordable. The Superman shirt shown was on sale and I used a coupon I received in the mail... Purchase Price $10

2.)  iTunes GIft Card:  I don't know any teenagers that would not love this as a gift!

1.)  The 1 lb Reese's!  Each Delicious Peanut Butter Cup is 1/2 lb!  We purchased this at Target.  I'm sure there are other stores that sell it as well.  If not check online!

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