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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Floral Bun DIY

While I've been out doing Back to School shopping I came across these really cute hair bun accessories.  They were priced at $7 each.  That is just too much for me when I know they can be so easily made for a fraction of the cost.  For under $20 I purchased enough supplies to make 22! 

Items Needed For This Project:

  • Elastic:  1/4" black elastic is what I used.  My package came with 3 yards for $1.29. 
  • Flowers:  I would suggest looking in the seasonal bunches of flowers.  They usually have special pricing.  I purchased a few garlands that had tons of flowers.  I purchased my flowers at Hobby Lobby.  You can also find lots of options at Michaels or Joann.
  • Misc:  glue gun, glue sticks, felt, scissors
TIP:  I used black elastic and it blends very well in my daughters brown hair.  I also made some for my niece who has light brown/blonde hair and it blended well.  The elastic gets hidden in the hair. ( I don't think white would work well unless you have extremely light blonde hair.  )

I would love to see your cute creations.  Please share pictures with me on instagram, twitter, Facebook or email.  

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  1. Buns have been my go-to summer style, and these accessories would make it look even better!