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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Bella's Birthday Party & DIY

We celebrated Bella's 12th birthday last week.  I really had a lot of fun decorating and getting ready for 8 silly girls to come celebrate with Bella.  I thought I would share her party details with you!


These 36" laytex balloons were purchased from Party City  I made tissue tassels and added  simply taping them on with scotch tape.  
(Tissue Tassel Tutorial) Fluffy "12" tutorial in video link below.  

I left the Coffee Filter Garland up from last week's tutorial.  
Added two cute candle sticks I couldn't resist from Hobby Lobby & Glitter Votives

These letters are the 6" paper mache letters from Hobby Lobby.  Michaels & Joann carry them as well.  For the perfect color I traced them on scrapbook paper, cut out and glued on.

We wanted to send the girls home with something hand made. So we painted these cute canvas tote bags.  (Tutorial in video link below) We had the Izze Pop and various candy bars the girls could choose from to fill their bags.  

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt @ Nelson Atkins Art Museum:  (Scavenger Hunt List) This time of year is hard to find activities indoor that are different or not crazy expensive.  This idea jumped out to Bella as she LOVES art and going to the museum.  The girls loved this activity.  Some had never been to the museum before and were amazed at the beautiful building and art.  We are pretty lucky to have such a beautiful/amazing facility here in KC.  BONUS:  This activity was FREE!
  • Dave & Busters:  This was actually not our first choice BUT.... because of my husbands work we had a ton of gift cards that we had accumulated and needed to use.  The girls ate dinner and played games.  They had a super fun time.  
  • Home:  Once home we had dessert, opened gifts, played games, watched a movie, & eventually fell asleep.  Game suggestions:  Heads Up, Would You Rather
Bella and the girls had so much fun.  As a mom, I really cringe at sleep overs so its not something we do often.  I don't believe kids need to have a huge party every year.  We typically have a friend party every other year, & family party on the alternates.  Once my kids reach 12 we will have family parties only except for the milestone year (16).  

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  1. Really amazing planning for birthday. You know I also love doing something myself in planning my kid’s birthday parties. Last year ever after hiring an experienced party planner, I did decoration of venue with my hands. Well, the cute canvas tote bags are looking amazing.