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Monday, March 9, 2015

St Patricks Day DIY 2015

St. Patricks day is around the corner.  I found 3 cute ideas I wanted to share with you!
I've had many requests for Trevor to appear in a video with me and we found something green he wanted to share for the holiday.

Lime Sherbet Floats: Ingredients needed...

- Lime Sherbet
- Sprite

We made ours in Mason Jars and added a cute striped paper straw from Target.  The Shamrock picks are from Michaels.  I can report these are just a addicting and delicious as Trevor says.  

Shamrock Pops:  Supplies Needed...

- Ring Pops:  I bought ring pops that were green.
- Paper or Fun Foam:  You need two colors.  I used gold glitter and green.
- Misc:  Glue Gun, Scissors, Double Stick Tape

Golden Scavenger Hunt:  Supplies Needed...

- Rocks
- Gold Paint:  I used gold spray paint that I had on hand.  You could also use any gold craft paint.
- ModPodge:  or Spray Adhesive
- Gold Glitter
- Misc:  paint brush if using Mod Podge

- For this activity create your own custom scavenger hunt!  Hunt the golden rocks leaving the sparkle rock as the final find!  You can customize this for any age range.  For my teens I thought it would be fun to add a few other prizes to the rocks (incentive).  I found some cute prizes in the dollar spot at Target i.e...lucky charms chapstick, gold chocolate coins, glow sticks, etc.  It's something different and can be done inside if you have bad weather or outside!

For a tutorial on all 3 projects click on the video link below!  Thanks for watching & Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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  1. All of those Ideas look Adorable, I'll probably try those Out even though it's April! Maybe you could check Out my Blog, (I don't Mean to Spam or anything I'm just a Huge Fan!) XOXO - Jules!