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Monday, May 18, 2015

Baseball "Fan" Bracelet

Baseball season is in full swing again!  Last season the KC Royals went back to the World Series.  They waited almost 30 for this return.  It was an exciting time to live in Kansas City.  
I thought this was the best idea to show your love for the game and your team!


- Leather Baseball:  Ball must be real leather.  Imitation does not work.  I didn't want to cut up anything my husband was attached to.... so I went to my local sporting goods store for a ball.  They range in price.  You don't need anything fancy... the cheapest version will do. 

- Xacto Knife:  Please be careful!
- Scissors

Extra Info:  I used my scissors to straighten up my edges.  I also did a little tugging/pulling/twisiting to straighten my bracelet.  It straightened out more with a little time.  
❤️‍ 👑 ⚾️ Be Royal KC!


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