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Monday, May 25, 2015

Embellished Sunnies

This project was so much FUN!  I never know what my kids are going to actually get excited about but this one was definitely a huge hit with Bella.  I am not sure what I enjoyed more... the cute sunglasses we made or having a good bonding evening with my baby girl.  


- Sunglasses:  I went to a few different stores before I landed at Claire's.  Lucky Me happened on a sale which made all the plastic sunglasses shown $2 each.  The metal were $8 each.  So depending on how many pair you want to embellish, check around at pricing or use an existing pair!

- Embellishments:  I purchased all items shown at Michaels.  Look in the scrapbook isles and the bead/jewelry isles.  You want things that are flat on the back.  Be creative!  I used roses, crystals, and pearls.

- Misc:  E6000 glue, scissors, toothpicks, pliers

Have fun, be creative & send me pics of your cute sunnies!  #smcsunnies

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