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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Accessorize Yourself | Showmecute

Hola from Barcelona!

This past week I have been traveling with my husband.  We went to Barcelona for a week and I'm in the airport headed to Paris while blogging!  

I received an email from YouTube/For Moms channel asking for a couple videos to boost Mother's Day.  Since I'm away from home I was limited as to my options (aka.. no Hobby Lobby or Michaels) were a bit limited.  However, one of my talents/passions is shopping.  Wow was Barcelona good for me!

Shops I Frequent For Accessories on a Budget:

  • Mango: Found in Europe and limited cities in America
  • H&M: Found all over Europe and spreading across America
  • Zara: Found all over Europe and limited cities in America
  • Forever XXI (21):  America- Can order online

Cute Bracelets from Mango $5 each
Belt was $10 from Mango- I also suggest Target as well as the stores I shopped for belts.

I couldn't resist this store!  I wore SWATCH watches as a teen.  Loved them...
But today we have alternate stores with similar choices for less money.

Husband and I at a high point of the city looking out over the city.
It is home to 1.5 million people. 

I didn't buy this pair for obvious reasons but they were still fun to try.
H&M has so many choices for about $5
This is good for me as I tend to lose mine or children break them!

In this video I talk about accessory tips and options as well as stores I like to frequent.  Even if you don't think you would like the clothes in these stores the accessories can be for YOU!  These stores are quite affordable and so fun as they have new things all the time.  


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