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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

How to Wear a Scarf? | ShowMeCute


I filmed this video while in Barcelona.  However, sadly I am home.  In europe everyone male and female wear scarves.  It is a fashion that I really really love.  I should say "really" times 100!  There are so many beautiful scarves everywhere!  They keep me warm and add an accessory to my outfits.  

In this video I share a few of the ways I like to tie my scarves.  
Items Needed For This Project:

  • Scarf: this is the shortest supply list ever!
The Pretzel Tie

One thing to remember: Scarves come in all different shapes, sizes, thickness, etc... So depending on your scarf dimension and fabric, it will take on a whole different look to another scarf with opposite dimension and fabric.  So play around and tie different ways to see what looks best with your outfit and/or scarf! 

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