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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Time Glow Sticks

Summer time is here and I wanted to share this idea my family has been having so much fun with.  My big sister has a swimming pool and when we go visit the cousins LOVE to swim for hours.  Swimming at night is even more fun for them since we discovered this little trick of adding glow sticks to the water. 

I saw on Pinterest a bathtub with glow sticks to jazz up kid bath time.  This would be a great substitute if you don't know anyone with a pool.  I mentioned in the video it is a good idea for people who rent out a subdivision pool for a birthday party for an evening. 

Items needed for this project:
  • Glow sticks: They sell them in the dollar spot at Target, Michaels, and various dollar stores.  They are $1 for a tube of 15.  I bought about 10 tubes for the swimming pool.  Just one tube for a bathtub. 

 If you don't have any of the stores I listed near you, go to google and you can buy them online!  Long live summer and long live fun!

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