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Sunday, September 2, 2012

DIY Zipper Bracelet


This week I wanted to share a super easy bracelet idea.  I love love love it when projects are this easy.  And as you see in the video it is quite fast as well.  Instant gratification.....oh yeah.

Items Needed For This Project:

  • Zipper:  I bought mine from a couple of different stores.  But I would recommend the following: WalMart, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joanns.  Fabric stores will have a wider variety.  Make sure you measure your wrist or an existing bracelet to see what length zipper you will need.  
  • Crimp Bead:  You need the style as shown in the video.  I found the larger size at Joanns.  But Hobby Lobby, Michaels and WalMart carry jewelry supplies as well.
  • "O" ring:  This is the large circle that I use to attach the clasp.  Sometimes it is called a jump ring.  You can buy these anywhere you find jewelry supplies. 
  • Clasp:  I bought some large enough to fit the zipper pull.  Find these in jewelry supply stores.  
  • Tools:  Scissors, Lighter (Flame thrower in my house :) Needle Nose pliers.  
Stores that carry jewelry supplies and zippers:  Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann, WalMart

Don't forget to check for online coupons before you head out shopping.  Or if you are like me, pull them up on your iPhone for the cashier to scan.  

Have fun with this one.  I would love to see your projects.  Feel free to upload your pictures on the showmecute Facebook page.  Link at the top of this page.  Please leave messages, comments or suggestions.  I love you guys.  Thanks for watching!


  1. I love this idea, it's so adorabele. M'n deafinitly gonna try it. Can you do a video on the zoku quick pop maker to? I have one and i would love to see some ideas!

  2. I would love to watch the video for zipper bracelets, but all your videos show up caramel apples for me.....any suggestions? Thanks for all the fun videos, we love them!

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  4. This was a total disaster! I think that you should put more detail in your list of items needed for those of us who are not craft goddesses and are just trying to do something nice for our daughters. We tried to make these as Christmas present for her friends because they looked easy but they ended up costing us a fortune because we had to buy so many different types of zippers, crimp bead and even O rings! Sizes of the items would have been VERY helpful! For instance 6mm O rings instead of 4mm. We also didn't know that you weren't supposed to get jacket zippers. They were the only metal ones that our JoAnns had so we didn't give it a second thought otherwise we would have kept looking. Therefore the little O rings and Crimp beads didn't work. In fact the big Crimp beads didn't work. And now that I am looking closer to your picture, you used 2 totally different crimp beads all together on the long black zipper and red one. AAUURRGGHHH! We ended up getting ribbon clamps to use on the end of ours. We also had to take the end of the zippers off to get any of the crimp bead or ribbon clamps on. Which brand of Crimp bead did you use because it didn't look like it was that hard for you. We seriously spent 20+ hours and a ton of money on these. They are super cute and now we have all these left over supplies that will work on nothing. We love your ideas but are now afraid to try any of them. The stretchy pearl ribbon bracelet is darling and my daughter wanted to do that one instead but the zipper one looked like it would take less time. Boy was I wrong. I guess I will leave crafts to the goddesses like you.

    1. Did u ever find out wat crimps to use??? Thank you

  5. This is such a cute idea, hope you don’t mind I may make a few for myself and my Sat. Market they look quick and fun for children, and very cost effective so they can buy something for themselves.

  6. Such a Caaute idea, I jus told my Husband I NEED TO GO TO MICHAEL'S, hehe!!!! Thanks Xox

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  8. Still looking for the crimp end/bead. Can't find larger one. Does anybody know what size Jenny is using (6mm, 8mm, etc.)?

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  10. My daughter would love this. She loves to add animal charms for bracelets. I'll have to show her this.

  11. Where did YOU buy the thing to put on the zipper. Looked everywhere. Please help.

  12. Those are so cool, Jenny! I think the zippers give a very spunky and sparkly feel, which I think any teenager today would just simply love. I think you did a fantastic job doing the bracelet. Kudos!
    Cindy Wilson

  13. That looks super complicated but your tutorial is so easy to follow!
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