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Monday, May 27, 2013

Showmecute Raceway

With school out we are already looking for fun things to do together.  I want to get the kids outside as much as possible.  RIght now the weather is great and it is the time to enjoy the great outdoors.  They spent hours outside racing down the hill behind our house.  It was so fun to watch and just as fun to see neighbor reactions as well.  This is definitely one of those days they will remember forever!

  The cars used in this video can be found at lots of stores online.  Try the following: Target, ToysRUs, WalMart, SamsClub, or Amazon.  The official name of the car is "Plasma Car".  Prices vary from store to store and there are tons of colors to choose from.  

As you will see on the video we had one car malfunction.  My youngest was very sad.  I sure hope we can fix her car.  If not, I'm pretty sure her dad will make it up to her.  Most people would think these cars are for little kids but the weight limit is 220 lbs!  So go ahead and look them up, see what fun your kids and family can have!

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