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Monday, June 10, 2013

Mickey & Minnie DIY Disney Shoes

Last month I was so privileged to go to Disney World with Mindy from Cutegirlshairstyles.  In preparation for the trip I decided it would be fun to make some cute shoes for my youngest to wear while there.  I saw this cute design and decided to make my own.  

After I showed you what I made there was an overwhelming amount of response from fans wanting a tutorial.  If you are unsure, practice on paper first!  Keep practicing, its how you learn.  

Items Needed For This Project:

  • Shoes:  I purchased these at RUE 21.  They were $16.  Other stores to look- Forever 21, Wet Seal, Target or Wal Mart. 
  • Craft Paint:  I used the acrylic craft paint from my local craft store.  Try to find the gloss finish for this project.  
  • Paint Brushes:  I purchased a multi brush package at my craft store.  
  • MIsc: Cup of water, paper towels, white colored pencil, pattern.  See attachment below.

I hope you have an amazing time on your Disney Adventure! Good luck with your painting.  Please feel free to post your pictures on the Showmecute Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages!  

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  1. You put to use acrylic paint versus fabric. Will this wear out over time? Why is acrylic better than fabric?