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Monday, June 10, 2013

Personalized iPhone Charger

In my house there are many iPhones, iPods and iPads.  There is always a missing charger.  Always one person who can't find their charger or an accusation as to who took someones charger.  
In this project I show you how to customize your charger so that the whole house will know what charger they have.  I had so much fun finding sticky tapes and strips to put my name on my charger!

Items Needed For This Project:

  • Sticky tape or Strips:  I went to Michaels and found TONS of options/colors/designs in a few different sections.  Look in the scrapbook section, the gift wrap section, and on middle of the isle end caps next to the jewelry.  They range in price from $.99 to $4.99 depending on the tape you choose.  
  • Scissors and your charger!

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  1. I'm going to do this with my grand kids this week!!! What a great idea! Always an argument on who's cord belong to who!!

  2. I love this idea! We are a family of 7, with 7 ipod touches and an ipad! I bought a packet of different color chargers right around Christmas. I wrote down which color everyone chose, so there would be no "you took my charger". However, they were generic and not only did they not charge as fast as the apple ones, they broke quickly. So now, in July, we only have 2 still left working out of a pack of 12. I think I will purchase some white apple ones and do this to them!! Love it!!