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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CRAZY For Independence Day

  • cra/zy (kra' ze) adj:  1. having flaws or cracks  2. foolish, wild, fantastic, etc,; not sensible  3. very enthusiastic, eager. 

I left out the: unsound of mind, mentally unbalanced or deranged part because those don't apply to this particular post.  ( but totally applies on my regular days..... )

In my family the 4th of July is HUGE!  We love this holiday.  I absolutely love and feel very privileged/blessed to have been born into a wonderful family and country of freedom.  We celebrate this freedom every year!

In this post/video I wanted to share a few things we are planning on the fashion end this year. The party, food, activities is another story which I will share pics on instagram, twitter, and Facebook so stay tuned!

Items Needed For This Fun:

  • Hair accessories:  Color Spray- I bought at Ulta, Glitter Sray- craft store or hair supply stores carry especially for hair.  Glizty Picks- Michaels craft store
  • Glow Sticks:  Find them at Michaels or Target in the $1 spot!

  • Flag Stickers:  I found mine on an end cap at Wal Mart but any flag stickers will do.
  • Additional Accessories:  Flag glasses, light rings, & confetti poppers- Michaels craft store.
  • Clothes:  all clothes were from Old Navy or DIY Flag shorts on ShowMeCute.

We cannot wait for July 4th this year.  We are having a family reunion including 54 family members.  Now that is CRAZY!  ( including the: unsound of mind, mentally unbalanced or deranged part. ) Have fun this year and please share your holiday on Facebook, instagram, and twitter with me.

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