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Sunday, January 19, 2014

DIY Valentine Arrows

In classic mythology, Cupid is the God of desire, love, attraction and affection.  A person struck by his arrow immediately falls in love.  

I must have been struck by his arrows causing immediate love and affection for some  project ideas I found. This year I am in love with the "bow & arrow" and hearts look.  I have had such a flutter in my pulse, skip in my step & even a big cheesy grin while preparing and shopping for supplies.  

Items Needed For Glitter Arrow w/ Feathers:

  • Paint:  I used craft paint but you can use spray paint as well.  I used Black and Gold.
  • Gold Glitter:  This is optional
  • Wooden Dowels:  I found these at my local craft store.  They have all different sizes.  Just pick your preference.  Length is at 12".
  • Tape: I used what ever I had (wash-tape) in painting process.
  • Ribbon:  I used a black and white polka dot 1/2" grosgrain ribbon.
  • Feathers:  I got a pack of white, and black at my craft store.
  • Felt or Card Stock:  You can use regular felt but I found right next to the felt, some glitter canvas type paper.  They also have glitter felt.  
  • Glue Gun:  and glue sticks
  • Small Heart Doilies:  size will depend on your preferences.
  • Misc:  scissors, pencil, paint brush

These are what my daughter and I are making for her school party this year.  We will probably add a chocolate heart to the valentine.

Items Needed For Heart & Arrow Bobbi Pins:  
  • Felt: You can use felt or I found a glitter canvas sheet with the felt at my local craft store.
  • Bobbi Pins:  I bought some larger pins in the jewelry section at my craft store.  They also have a section to glue things to them.  And…. they come in silver, gold, or bronze!
  • Glue Gun & Glue
  • Scissors
  • Pattern

Jewelry Shown in video:
  • Charms:  Arrows, necklace, & earring piece purchased at Hobby Lobby.  Heart is from Michaels. Lock & Key charms:  Hobby Lobby
  • Forever 21:  rings, bracelets and necklace.  All were between $1.80- $3.80  Awesome!

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