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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Heart Stencil Jeans DIY

I have been in love with so many of the printed jeans over the past year.  Since fall, the only prints I found were polka dot and hearts.  They are a bit too young for me ( I absolutely HATE having to admits that )  so I was determined to get them for my daughter.  After looking I decided it would be too easy to make my own out of an existing pair of jeans!  I've done the trial and errors and ready to share this project with you!


  • I used fabric paint.  However, you can use craft paint as well.  I have used both and I only went with fabric paint because I had it and thought it would wear through washing better in the long run.  
  • The paint, stencil, and brush can be found at most craft stores.  


  1. Those are too cute.. and I will definitely age myself by telling you I remember the FIRST time those were in style back in my youth… umm yeah I am that old.. seriously.
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