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Sunday, April 13, 2014

DIY Spring Ideas | Easter 2014

This week is Easter… already!  I love these three ideas for Easter but could also be changed to fit other occasions.  I wore the speckled Robin Egg fingernails all last week.  I got a ton of comments on them.  

Items Needed For Chick & Bunny Treat Bags:

  • Bag:  I found them at a few different stores but I liked the size/price/quantity at Target.  Hobby Lobby, Michaels had them as well. The bunny burlap was my favorite.
  • Craft Paint:  use what ever colors you prefer.
  • Paint Brush
  • Pattern: Simply go to google images and search "bunny" or "chick" clipart.  Download and Print.  I had to change the size a bit on my printer to get the right size.
  • Treats:  Your Preference.  
When I was a child the Easter Bunny put some adorable little bags in my Easter Basket every year.  They had felt ears, hands, and feet as well as a face out of googlie eyes and pom pom nose.  I decided they were a tad out dated for today so I thought these were a little more up modern.  

Items Needed For Chocolate Bunny Jar:
  • Mason Jar:  You need a wide mouth Jar.  The smaller mouth won't fit the bunnies.  Even the wide mouth has bunny size challenges.  
  • Chocolate Bunny:  I picked the Dove brand.  Wal Mart or Target had them.
  • Edible Grass:  Find in the Easter candy section at Wal Mart or Target
  • Speckled Eggs:  There are several kinds… Whopper, Hersheys, Cadbury, M&M, etc.  I preferred the colors of the Hersheys eggs. 
  • Ribbon:  Finish your jar with a bow.  I chose a simple string but ribbon would be pretty cute too.

Items Needed For Speckled Robin Egg Nails:
  • Polish: Esse "Where's My Chauffeur?", Orly FX "Too Fab"

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  1. Hello Jenny I adore all of your diys. I like when you post most of them as well but there is one I was wondering if you was going to post anytime soon and that would be the diy spring jewelry? Thank you very much :-D

  2. Just discovered your blog and youtube video when searching for instructions for my students on how to make pop tab bracelets. I would love to be able to get your video instructions for the jewelry frame holder pictured above. Thanks - H