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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Teen Bedroom Tour / Urban Outfitters & Free People Inspired

Last summer my daughter Megan and I decided to do a bedroom make over for her.  We took a Winter Break and then decided to finish up this month.  We got many ideas from Urban Outfitters & Free People and added a little Megan style.  

Lounge Area:  The rug is from World Market. Ottoman is a palate with 4" casters added on bottom.  I used Mod Podge & scrapbook paper on each of the top boards to add a fun twist.  Pillows: These are a mixture of sizes.  I made most of the pillow covers.  The green floral was from TJ Maxx. Curtains:  I bought two drop cloths from Home Depot and used Painters Tape to create the Chevron Stripe pattern at the bottom.  

Lamps:  (left) Target lamp.  I loved that the top opened to fill the jar with my own treasures! Clock: Hobby Lobby (right) We found the shade base at an Antique store for $8.  I rummaged through my moms stash of Lace Doilies to create this look we saw at Urban Outfitters. 

Bedding: White Ruffle bedding by Shabby Chic @ Target.  Starfish Pillow: I made a square burlap pillow, drew a star pattern, traced the shape on the pillow, then used my hot glue gun to attach random buttons.  
Doilie Dream Catcher:  We considered doing a tutorial for this.  In the end we decided it was very tedious work that would be hard to teach.  The strands are lace, twine, ric-rac, chunky yarn, raffia, sequins, and pearl strands.  Also attached are shells, rocks, feathers, and beads.
Trunks:  Green trunk was given to me but I see similar at antique stores and thrift shops often.  The silver tiered tray is from Pottery Barn.

Tile Wall:  Megan and I saw this idea at Urban Outfitters.  They had the entire wall behind the register using this look.  It was pretty simple to make.  I went to Home Depot and found a 2' X 4' particle board and had them cute it in 1' X 1' squares.  We used the floral material and Mod Podge on some of the boards. I also found the metal tiles at Home Depot.  All of the tiles were hung using 3M velcro strips.  ( #love #sohandy )

This wall has a mixture of different size bulletin boards from Wal Mart.  Flowers: Hobby Lobby Boxes: my husband made out of wood from a palate.  I also added one Metal tile left over for variation.  I laid this out on the floor to decide the pattern and then started with the middle bulletin board and worked my way around until everything was hung.  (Use a leveler & ruler to keep it all straight)

Armoire: antique pièce. You can find treasures like this at antique stores, craigslist, thrift stores and even garage sales! Suitcases: same as armoire.

Jewelry Display:  Megan and I made this display this week.  You can use any frame to make these.  There are a variety of materials to back them.  I used a 32 gage metal fence material I got from Lowe's.  I nailed it on the back.   Megan wanted to burlap and lace added to make it more feminine.  (Leave me a comment if you would like a tutorial for this)


  1. Wow! That is such a creative bedroom makeover! I love the design on your bed and the star made of colorful buttons in the throw pillow. Everything looks gorgeous. It seems that laying on that bed feels like resting under the sea. Thanks for sharing that, Jenny! All the best to you!

    Dante Storey @ Healthy Bed Store

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