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Sunday, July 13, 2014

Whimsical Bedroom Tour

After much thought and debate over the last year or so we decided to make a change to Bella's living arrangement.  aka...her bedroom.  She was downstairs in the basement and was cozy until she outgrew it.  And I mean literally, she outgrew her bed.  After considering all of our options we moved her back upstairs and then up some more stairs to begin the process of my baby becoming a tween/teen.

The frame wall was really simple.  I dug out all the frames I thought might work, then laid them out into a pattern (as shown above).  Next I chose some to spray paint gold to match our theme.  The pictures in the frames are simply google images that I printed and then cut out of black card stock.  I glued them to white card stock and bam!  
Last, the piece of beauty is the gold unicorn head.  I didn't think I could quite tackle that one so we purchased from PBTeen.  
The futon is from  Pillows: I made.  If you don't sew I recommend Target, TJ Maxx, Home Goods, Hobby Lobby or PB Teen.
Tree Stump End Table:  I would not have this piece except one of our trees was struck by lightening last year resulting in a dead tree that had to be cut down.  I had two pieces saved and made this look-a-like.  You can purchase the inspiration at PBTeen.  

The Stage turned out so great.  I was really stressing over what to do here.  Bella's love of music made this super fun.  
Rug: Target.  I purchased when it was 15% off added my red card discount of 5% and an additional 15% using a coupon on "Cart Wheel" its a Target app with additional discounts that you can use on top of in store promotions and red card savings.  SCORE!
Chair:  I just purchased at Target as well in their college "dorm" line of furniture out right now. I used same discounts as above.  You have to get the app and watch the deals every week to see what is offered.  But at full price the chair was $39.  
Record Player:Urban Outfitters   Gold Flower Pillow: Hobby Lobby   Curtains: World Market, with me adding the black pom poms.  You can purchase similar from PB Teen.

Part of the reason I loved the whole plan of this room was getting this old brass and iron bed out for use.  It's been in storage for a while and I hate to store such a cute bed.  It works so perfectly for this design.  
Duvet & Sheets: PB Teen  Pillows:  I made to copy several shown in PB Teen.  The owl and grey flower pillows are from Hobby Lobby.  
Like I briefly said in the video, the typewriter, hat box, hat, and trunks can be found by hunting your local antique stores, or garage sales.  You would be surprised what treasures you can find!

This wall I painted by hand.  However!  I recommend trying a vinyl wall decal as a similar option.  I recommend looking at the following stores:  Target, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Joann, or PB Teen.  If you google "vinyl wall decal"  your mind will be blown!

If you have additional questions or want to see a tutorial of things I made in this room please email me or leave a comment.  Good Luck!


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