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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Leather Headband DIY

I love it when I find a good hair accessory idea!  This is super cute and was super easy.  This is one that can be styled so many different hairstyles.  I really like the bohemian look this has.  

Supplies Needed For This Project:
- Leather:  I bought a bag of scrap leather at Michaels.  They had similar leather scraps at Hobby Lobby and Joann.  ( Tip: You can paint leather.  I painted one of mine with a metallic craft paint to get the color I wanted. )
- Leather String:  I used a very soft leather string.  You will find some options with the Leather scraps and some with jewelry supplies at Michaels, Joann, or Hobby Lobby.
- Misc:  Scissors, Xacto Knife, Water Bottle Lid, ink pen.


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