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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Metallic Tattoos [Temporary]

I have seen these around for several months.  I bought some at Christmas time as stocking stuffers for my girls and we love them!  There are several different varieties and options to choose from so I thought I would share my experiences with them.  

The tattoos I applied to my arms lasted about a week.  I was careful not to scrub them while showering.  However, the tattoos on my fingers only lasted about 24 hours because of my hand washing and dish washing.  (Mom duties)

Tattoos Seen in Video:

-  Target:  I found three different packages in the jewelry section.  (NOTE:  oddly enough... not all stores carry them.  Check Website to see if they are in stock near you.)

Favorites not shown in video:

- Never Nola
- Tillys:;jsessionid=Lac0DIaHewPq3YprKRSM+BvX.store4d?_dyncharset=UTF-8&Dy=1&Nty=1&siteScope=ok&_D%3AsiteScope=+&siteIds=tillys&_D%3AsiteIds=+&search=&_D%3Asearch=+&Ntt=metallic+tattoo&_DARGS=%2Fcartridges%2FSearchBox%2FSearchBox.jsp

Share your metallic tattoo photos using #smcmetallictattoos
Have a wonderful Spring Break 2015!


  1. I bought the Beautiful Non-Permanent Jewelry Tattoos in Gold and Silver package of Flash Tattoos before they were up on the Birchbox site...I saw them/their company on instagram and immediately fell in love. You receive 4 pages of very pretty designs you can cut and customize anywhere on yourself. I love the metallic silver and gold because it is jewelry inspired....everyone has been asking me about them. They do stay on for a long time and look awesome on tan skin.

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